Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall is right around the corner!

               I apologize for not being able to post pictures of the craft projects I am working on but that's because I haven't been able to really work on anything this week!  Our family is officially back in the swing of our busy school year life and I haven't had time to really sit down with any creativity this week.
             Not only do my children go to school, I am also a full time college student on top of my full time job, Mommyhood, and being my amazing hubby's wife.  My fall semester started last Monday and it has been hectic trying to focus in on my classes while dealing with some work issues and trying to prepare the kids for their school year which kicks off next Monday.  My oldest son is in all honors classes as he embarks on his junior high years.  To say that I'm proud of him would be a huge understatement.  That kid is amazing.  Raine is starting to adjust to her ADHD medications so we're hoping that this school year is going to be a lot better than last year.  Matthew, my littlest one starts preschool this year.  Just typing that makes me want to cry!  The realization that Matthew will be my last little one that I walk down that sidewalk to his first day of school breaks my heart but it also reminds me that life is wonderful.  We get asked a lot when we plan to have more children and the answer is simply, never.  God has blessed our lives so much with the 3 children we have.  Though being a Mommy has been the greatest thing I have ever experienced in my life, I do look forward to the day when I get to be Dara again.  My oldest will head off to college in 6 years and if the next six years pass as quickly as the last, it's literally right on my doorstep.  His sister will be on her way not long after that and then there will only be Matthew at home for a while.  

Kevin, Raine, and Matthew having some 4th of July fun with Mom

              On the craft front, I am cruising the internet for some serious quilting inspiration right now.  I have gotten a tick for english paper piecing.  I've done a pretty good bit of it but I am looking to really do something cool.  I'm thinking about doing a Lonestar though I don't want to strip piece it.  Everytime I try that, it never works out.  I have come to the conclusion that lining up seams isn't my strong point! HA HA  I always spend a lot of time ripping seams and I'd rather just go with something I know will turn out right.  So english paper piecing it is.  I know it will be more monotonous but it will be accurate and I'll be able to take it with me as I swing from work, to school, to kids games, and so on.

Have a "pieceful" day!



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