Friday, April 1, 2011

New Direction in Life

So it has been a year since I last blogged and I feel bad. My original intent was to really try to keep my blog up and keep my quilting steam going. Unfortunatly, life has as funny way of dealing us hands we aren't expecting. We, as a family, are going through some rough waters right now and the result has been a renewed dedication to my craft. I find that sitting behind my sewing machine and focusing on my project helps to alleviate the stress and frustration with life.

So my current project is *drumroll please* The Quilt. As in the Dear Jane quilt. I had been curious about the quilt for quite a while but never had the guts to attempt something so intense and strategic. Then last summer during a trip to San Diego with my family, I ran across the book and my beloved Husband bought it for me. I spent the next few months looking at it but not really setting up to make the quilt. Then in October I took the plunge. I made two whole blocks and then didn't touch it again until a little over a month ago. Due to the hardships our family has been forced to endure, I have found that these tiny little blocks really take my mind off of the issues at hand. I haven't had a chance to piece any for a week and a half but I wanted to share what I have thus far. Plus, I just found out that I can actually scan the blocks and they look a thing!