Saturday, July 28, 2012


Living in the Mojave Desert is usually pretty decent.  We don't have defined seasons so to speak.  Either it's horribly cold or insanely hot.  Right now it is the worst part of our summer with temperatures peaking and the true misery of the season setting in.  Most of us desert rats don't spend much time outdoors this time of year simply because cooking our bodies is never a good thing!  Just half an hour outside right now can result in a nasty sunburn.  So we find other ways of passing our time and for me, that's working on my crafting projects.  This year I'm doing something a little different.  I'm crocheting different projects.  I have dabbled in crochet since I was very little but it's not my main hobby.  I love quilting but lately I've been feeling a little burn out and I'm suffering from a lack of inspiration so I decided it was time to switch up the game a little bit.  I am crocheting an afghan right now with my favorite color, purple.  I've always wanted a beautiful afghan to put on my couch but I've never really concentrated on it.  I've made a few afghans but they always seem to end up, "almost done" and then left in a bin.

This is a hexagon granny square pattern I ran across a couple of weeks ago in my search for hexy inspiration!  I noticed that a lot of hexagon afghan makers credited this very talented lady with publishing this pattern.  Her name is Lucy and you can find her blog here: Attic 24
Her hexagon tutorial is specifically here:Lucy's Hexagon Tutorial though I would highly recommend reading her entire blog.  She does amazing stuff with yarn and I find myself wanting to do more and more projects with crochet.  Especially since I really need to put a dent in my yarn stash.  Over the years I have purchased a lot of different yarns with a project idea in mind yet never ended up making the project.  So now not only do I have a fabric stash falling on my head, I have yarn everywhere too!

Hope your day is a real yarn!