Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School days are here again

This little thing really touched my heart.   Tomorrow I take my youngest son to preschool for his very first day of school.  Experience tells me that he's going to love it and take to it like a fish to water but in that tiny little recess of my mind, I imagine that he's going to miss me and wish he could be at home!  As parents, we all wonder about how school life is for our kids.  Every year when my children go off to their first day of the new school year, I pray.  I pray that Kevin continues to thrive in the academic environment.  I pray for Raine to be able to feel normal and comfortable at school.  And this year I am praying that Matthew sees this new world as a welcoming and wonderful place.  Teachers are the rock stars of life.  They teach our children not only their ABC's but also life skills that follow them the rest of their lives.  Most of us remember the majority of our teachers and even still have an affection for those really special ones.  For me, it was Ms. Suzanne Route.  She was my english teacher in 10th grade.  When I turned my work into her, I didn't get it back with a statement like, "This is just silly."  She always had something kind to say about my work.  She appreciated the fact that I didn't just take facts from a book and reiterate it like a lot of students.  I preferred a creative approach and she picked that up.  It affected what I did in school from then on and it gave me insight to my children's work.  Rather than blow off my son Kevin's comic book drawings, I actually read them and enjoy them.  Raine's drawings aren't just scribble on a page.  They are art!  Even Matthew's little projects are a source of pride for me.  And all of that from one teacher who chose to let me know that my mind had some really cool stuff in it.
This is pretty much what my life is looking like right now.  A lot of studying!  I am taking a pretty serious course load this semester so I am having to really focus on school.  

I did do one creative thing this week.  I made Matthew his big "Yeah-Yeah."  Matthew has loved these little blankets since he was born.  I bought one for him right before he was born because he was a March baby and I felt like we really needed to get him a nice warm blanket since most of his blankies were spring/summer blankets.  I took the blanket to the hospital when he was born and it ended up being a life saver!  The first night he wouldn't go to sleep.  He kept crying and crying and crying!  My poor hubster was at his wits end when I grabbed the fuzzy little thick blanket in my bag.  I wrapped Matthew up and he just dozed right off to sleep!   When we got home, we realized that was his "lovie" and went and bought several more.  Grandpa also made sure to buy quite a few of these.  They were expensive too, nearly $20 a pop.  But they were worth their weight in gold!  Anyway, now that Matthew is getting bigger, he can't cover up with one anymore.  So Mommy grabbed two of his blankets and stitched them together.  He's had it for about a week now and he is one happy toddler!  After I handed it to him, he told me, "Mommy saved the day!"  Yeah, I'm cool like that..=-)
On Thursday night, Matthew got to visit his new school for the first time.  I think he likes it!  Although he always makes such a goober face! HA HA

Well, I'm off to take Raine to school.  Kevin is home sick with the obligatory flu that always seem to strike the family down as school starts!

Have a creative day!


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